About Us

Lu Roo & Co Boutique was formed out of the hearts and minds of three generations of strong, independent and generous women. We are a boutique that believes in making women feel beautiful without breaking the bank, in cultivating kindness and creating a community where women encourage the heck out of one another.

Here's where our name comes from:

Lu: The matriarch of the family was Lugene. Known by her family as a spitfire, Lu was never afraid to share her opinion and was always dressed to the nines. Her family was always her number one priority and would go to great lengths to ensure their happiness instilling that value in her children and grandchildren alike. She never got to see the boutique come to fruition but we know she's watching over us all and is very proud of what her namesake has become.

Roo: Roo comes from the nickname given to Stephani by her dad as a young child. Stephani is the granddaughter of Lugene and is a third generation giver, doer and dreamer. With the bridal and prom stores already in full swing, she shared a crazy dream with her mom of opening a clothing boutique. With hard work, endless passion and unwavering support from her family, her dream became a reality. 

Co: Co - short for Colette - has lead the path for Lu Roo & Co to exist. She worked tirelessly to establish the bridal and prom stores, teaching her children the values of hard work, independence and generosity - all traits she learned from her mother, Lugene. She is the backbone of the little community that love and Lu Roo & Co created.