SMACK Packs (Multiple Variants)

For those of you who don't know about SMACK let me fill you in...

A company with a mission to empower + uplift + encourage people all over the world one card at a time.

Each pack includes 100 4x4 cards of positive + uplifting + motivational messages to share with friends, family & strangers. Heck maybe even keep for yourself & your own personal motivation.

The world is changing by the minute with these cards. Leaving with a waitress, on a strangers car, in a note, in a lunch box, taped to a steering wheel, left on a bulletin board - you see the options are endless!

The big picture is you could change someone's minute, hour, day - possibly someone's life and we are 100% on board with kind of positivity!! 

These make for fabulous gifts & more! 

Original SMACK brand * 

will ship 10/13/21


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