Mary's Mixes (3 Flavors)

Bloody Mary: The original Miss Mary's bloody Mary mix recipe as mean as premium herbs and spices, and no heavy tomato paste. Full of flavor and plenty of zest, are clean, light and refreshing Mary mix will make you love bloodies in a whole new way. Crave more of your favorite elixir without feeling way down by the thick and heavy tomato paste consuming all other bloody Mary mix's contain.

Margarita: it's time to ditch the guilt and enjoy your cocktail. These fresh squeezed margarita mixes are handcrafted with premium ingredients including fresh lime juice with fresh pulp, organic blue agave nectar and bright essential citrus oils. With only 5 g of sugar and 30 cal per serving, skip the gilt of traditional margaritas. Your taste buds will tickle with delicately sweetened elegant and refreshing flavors of Miss Mary's fresh squeeze margarita mix.

Spicy Mary: Your mouth won't know how to respond to this fan favorite Miss Mary's bold and spicy bloody Mary mix. This heated experience is touched with her signature blend of herbs and spices and no heavy tomato paste. Fully flavored, zesty, and fresh, her bold and spicy bloody Mary mix will please the pants off all types of bloody Mary drinkers. The perfect bloody Mary; combine ice three parts Mary's mix and one part premium vodka in a shaker shaker. Shake, pour, adore.

375 ML - No major allergens. Does not include alcohol. 


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