Freeze Dried Candies (12 Options)

Made LOCAL!!!! Think of it as a new way to taste your favorite candies. Freeze drying candy takes almost all the moisture out of the candy, making it crunchy(er) than before!

Great for those sweet tooth peeps in your life & think Easter - these will be the hottest item in baskets this year and ALL ages love! Also great for snacking, road tripping, gifts & more! 

What are you excited to try? 🤤 Listed below what items are made of! 

Mud Bricks made from Reisen's 

Galaxy Bites made from Nerd Ropes 

Salt Water Taffy Mystery made from varieties of SWT 

Choc Brownie Crunch made from Brownie M&M's

Ice Cream Sandies - Ice Cream Sandwiches

Rancher Blasters - Jolly Ranchers

Rainbow Rocks - Skittles

Rainbow Rocks Sour - Sour Skittles

Fruity Rolls - Fruit Roll Ups

Gummy Worms - Gummy Worms

 Salt Water Pickle Taffy - SWT


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