Pop Daddy Popcorn (3 Flavors)

Chipotle: Pop Daddy Chipotle BBQ Popcorn is a BOLD blend of spicy flavors with a perfect mixture of smoky peppers with subtle sweetness. First it’s spicy, then it’s sweet. You know, that kind of perfect mixture that makes it hard to put it down.

Dill: This popcorn is kind of a BIG DILL (insert dad joke belly laugh- we couldn’t resist). In all seriousness, Pop Daddy Dill Pickle popcorn flavor is so powerful it wakes your tastes buds up on the first handful. The tangy vinegar notes plus real deal dill makes this a sharp snack that is hard to resist. And, if you are a die-hard Dill Pickle fanatic like us, you are in luck because we have Dill Pickle Pretzels as well!

Gouda: Pop Daddy Smoked Gouda is buttery, creamy smooth popcorn with salty notes. And well, just plain ole’ nutty. Smoked Gouda cheese is smoked in brick ovens over flaming hickory chips. Did you know Smoked Gouda cheese is best served at room temperature? We are one step ahead with this salty snack straight off the shelf, room temperature and all, this will practically melt in your mouth.


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